TourSouthAfrica cares about making your time as enjoyable as possible: business or pleasure.

Our Team will provide you with:

Piece of mind

Why book with us?

By offering a big variety of tours and activities, we assist you to explore Africa and help you to tick your bespoke destinations from your bucket list. Partners get fully paid after tours starts.

Intelligent Data

Accumulated Experience and Knowledge

Adding all Tourist Guides, you get a vast knowledge-base of skills and experience. All Partners using TourSouthAfrica share knowledge in order to give you correct and updated information.

Real-Time Updates

Safety is our priority

Partners and Tourist Guides at venues and on the roads are in constant contact with each other in various ways and share incidents and new info to ensure your safety and a better journey.

Local Partners

Accredited African Tourist Guides

Partners are only using approved, registered and accredited African Guides trained to the highest standards in order to give the best experience and treat our Clients to high standards.

Our Story

TourSouthAfrica is a registered South African venture which has to comply with the highest ethical and moral values. We regard our social responsibility with importance and always strive to conserve nature by doing sustainable tourism. TourSouthAfrica regards animal welfare very seriously. All of our tours that involve animals are thoroughly evaluated to ensure adherence to the ABTA Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism.

TourSouthAfrica established a Bonding Scheme, which according to the South African Government Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 entails a consumer protection scheme to provide guarantees against deposits held and guaranteeing its quality assurance role. The act is based on fairness and equality for all consumers. In so doing, it provides consumers with a greater level of protection against providers of goods and services.

TourSouthAfrica is hereby providing assurance to local and international Tourists of quality tourism services in a way to set the highest standards in the Tourism Industry, and encompasses all the variants of ecotourism and green travel by the Reduction of Waste, Donating Some Amount of Money for the Local Welfare, to Save Animals and to Support local People. TourSouthAfrica ensures adherence to these principles and standards from all Partners rendering a service on this platform.

Our mission

TourSouthAfrica is constantly striving to provide quality services. The South African Tourism Act is parallel to the mission of TourSouthAfrica, it:

“Provide for the development and promotion of sustainable tourism for the benefit of the Republic, its residents and its visitors; to provide for the continued existence of the South African Tourism Board; to provide for the establishment of the Tourism Grading Council; to regulate the tourist guide profession; to repeal certain laws; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The objects of the Tourism Act are to-(a) promote the practicing of responsible tourism for the benefit of the Republic and for the enjoyment of all its residents and foreign visitors;-(b) provide for the effective domestic and international marketing of South Africa as a tourist destination;-(c) promote quality tourism products and services;-(d) promote growth in and development of the tourism sector; and-(e) enhance cooperation and coordination between all spheres of government in developing and managing tourism.” These facts are all part of the vision TourSouthAfrica strives to as a continuous process with its systems and business practices.

​TourSouthAfrica therefor has a thorough process of quality assurance where attention to detail and care is given from booking until you arrive back home.