Swaziland (Eswatini)



Swaziland is the country’s colonial name, which it kept for the first 50 years of independence. However, in April 2018, King Mswati III decided to resurrect the country’s Swati name, eSwatini, and announced to cheering crowds that the country would be renamed the Kingdom of eSwatini. The reason eSwatini’s king was able to change the country’s name without consulting parliament is due to his status as an absolute monarch: whatever he says goes. Though he generally rules with consensus, he is still one of the two most powerful people in the country (known as “the Lion”), while his mother, Queen Mother Ntfomb, is the second and known as “the Great She Elephant”. Because mother and son are equal in power, they can theoretically keep each other in check.



Trip Ideas:

Adrenaline activity

The world’s longest over-ocean zip-line, Mossel Bay, Garden Route

Situated over the beautiful Ocean, this zip line glides you over the cliffs of the Bay while giving you an uninterrupted view of the town and famous lighthouse. Going down this zipline, which is 1,100m (3608 feet) long, you’ll have ...

Cultural events

Route 62 – a scenic drive between Cape Town, to Oudtshoorn and Joubertina.

When travelling from Cape Town to the Garden Route, Route 62 makes for a very interesting alternative to drive through the Karoo. Geologically it covers two thirds of South Africa. “It’s big and it’s dry and it’s full ...

Route 62